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Maximising our clients’ online presence.

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We ask questions, lots of questions. Then, we listen, learn and discover, until together, we come up with a creative solution that’s a perfect fit for your specific needs, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Our Web Design & Development Process

  • We will go through a series of meetings with you to discover and understand your needs and requirements.
    These meetings can be face to face or through video conferencing.
    This is the first step that we need to undertake to understand the potential solutions, before we can craft a proposal.
  • We will create your proposal based on the requirements from the discovery phase detailing the project, the stages and costs.
    The proposal will allow you to clearly understand what we will be delivering for you and when, it will form the basis of the agreement to proceed with the project.
  • All projects are different, yet require a design phase. Design relates to the way your website looks and functions.
    During the design phase, we will provide you with mockups and specifications which allow you to make sure we fully understand your needs.
  • During development, you wont hear much from us, if anything at all.
    Don’t worry, it’s just because we have our heads down building and rigorously testing your project.
  • Launching a website is different for every business, some just need it turned on, others need to synchronise with PR campaigns and many need staff training.
    After the website is launched that isn’t the end! We will assist you based on your needs with the maintenance, support and promotion of your website.

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