About us

Locally HQHistory and philosophy

Locally is a family run business, with Mark and Alan at the helm.

In late 2012 we started Locally, or “llocally” as we were then known, to cater for the demand in our local area of West Byfleet for a professional, creative outfit, who can produce great looking websites which can be easily changed and edited and, if called upon, can provide technical support. Quickly we started spreading our wings via word of mouth and being found online, our clients are based up and down the country and we even have a few across the pond. We’ve been growing quickly and have designed hundreds of websites for businesses, professionals, not for profits, communities and hobbyists, ranging from authors, accountants, charities, security, schools, local shops, dentists, photographers, consultants…. You name it and chances are we’ve built it.


Our ethos is simple, we believe in creating websites that take it to the next level and providing the best possible technology and support.

What makes us different?

Aside from being a family run business, we have the fortune of  having two very important skills for web design; being both technical and creative.

Creativity allows us to design great looking websites, that are both eye catching and engaging, encouraging visitors to interact with our clients.

Being technical allows us to ensure all the websites we create are technically sound; fast, browser and device compatible. We manage our own servers and offer super fast and reliable hosting and support for both websites and professional email.

The future

We’re very proud what we’ve achieved in a relative short amount of time, we’ve learnt a lot and we are still learning everyday. We’ve met a lot of great people on the way, we’ve grown along aside some of our clients supporting them from working for themselves in their dinning room, through to their next chapter of  having their own office and employees, we hope it stays this way.

We will continue to build great looking, functionally sound websites and we’ll continue to provide top class technical support for our clients.